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Hotspots and website analytics

Website analytics is a measurement of data which can inform us of our user’s behaviour across our web pages. The hotspots are where the users are engaged on your web pages the most before moving on. Perhaps to another page or becoming disengaged and moving away from your website completely. By using analytics we can find out how many users visit the site. How long they may stay and what time most user’s visit your website. Analytics can also show how many and which pages they may visit. Plus whether they arrived by following a link of some kind or not.

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So why are analytics important

Analytics is very important for your business. You can check your performance by measuring all of the data. As a business, you will set up your own key performance indicators. You know what you want out of your business. By understanding your user’s behaviour through website analytics, a business can make improvements. This is to optimise any marketing campaigns and increase your businesses conversion rates.

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What do we need

The most popular web analytics tool is Google Analytics. Although there are many others on the market and it would depend on your businesses actual needs. Ascribe Bureau can help you understand web analytics. Depending on your specific needs you can manage them yourself. If you are still unsure then look at our management packages. We could manage them for you, so you have no headaches and you can concentrate on running your business.


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What’s it all going to cost me?

You have probably heard the phrase “good advice doesn’t come cheap”. Well, that being said, no advice or bad advice will cost you more in the long run.

Good advice doesn’t have to be expensive but it’s definitely worth a little time and investment. To ensure that your business is on track and runs as smooth as a Swiss clock.

Working with a consultancy has many benefits for any business whether large or small. What would you pay for your freedom? Release those chains holding you back! There is no charge until an agreed contract is signed so contact us, let’s talk. 

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