The 5 Why’s Analysis

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Pondering over the 5 whys analysis

What is the 5 Why’s Analysis

This article explains the 5 whys analysis and the basics of this powerful root cause analysis and problem-solving tool. Although problems are not welcome in any organisation, unfortunately, they appear in many organisations of all kinds. For every problem there is always a solution and problems are a good reason to start projects for improvement. But what is the best method to find effective solutions? Effective solutions can only be found by searching for the root cause in a structured and controlled manner, for example by using the 5 whys analysis.

The root cause of the problem

By looking for the root cause of the problem (a root cause analysis), repetition of the problem can be prevented. The problem has to be nipped in the bud as soon as possible. When problems are dealt with systematically, an organisation can find the root cause of the problem and deal with this effectively.

5 whys analysis

The 5 whys analysis was originally developed in Japan and was used to trace the root cause of the problems within the manufacturing process of Toyota Motors. This was done by asking ‘why’ five times. This 5 whys analysis makes it relatively simple to find out what the real root cause of the problem is. The problem-solving journey starts with a clear formulation of what exactly is going on. Once the root cause has been identified, there is no more need for the ‘why’ questions. The root cause is often closely associated with previously identified parts of the problem.

Example of the 5 whys analysis

A garage business is dealing with a bad delivery of car tyres. Normally, the delivery takes place within 24 hours, but the delays are now running up to three working days. The garage runs the risk that customers will use the services of another garage that can fit their new tyres within 24 hours. The quality department of the garage business decides to start up an expensive checking system to prevent delays. Transport company G is also involved in this process. Eventually, the transport company decides to search for the root cause of the problem using the 5 whys analysis.

Not able to deliver tyres within 24 hours – Why?

The supplier has insufficient stock – Why?

Supplier depends on exporter; cargo boats are delayed – Why?

The cargo boats are waiting for freight to fill up their holds – Why?

In times of crisis, freight boats get fewer orders and therefore collect different freights that can be transported in one journey – Why?

This is how the root cause of the problem is identified and it enables a company to find a solution. The solution cannot be provided by the transport company or the supplier. The crisis is the cause for the fact that freight boats wait until their holds are filled before they leave port. The garage can now try and find another (temporary) solution with the supplier and consider buying the tyres somewhere else.


The strength of the 5 whys analysis lies in the repetition of the question. This prevents that people start from assumptions and classic root causes of problems such as lack of time, lack of money and manpower shortage. Naturally, these factors might be causes too.

By repeating the ‘why’ question, people are forced to identify different causes that may be responsible for the problem. In order to look for the cause more specifically, the ‘why’ question can be extended with for example asking the question ‘why has the process failed’. People are inclined to stop looking for a cause when the cause of the problem has been identified. However, it is important to remain alert and ask the ‘why’ question repeatedly so that causes can be identified at different levels.

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This is our little internet café where you can read all the latest news, updates and articles over a lovely cup of coffee!

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