Making the Right Career Move….

Choosing the Right Career Move That’s Best for You

Plan your next career move carefully. Imagine that you have an opportunity to move into one of a number of open positions in your organisation. Perhaps you are offered two different positions and you have to decide which one you want. So how do you choose the right one for you? Alternatively, perhaps you are already in a good job, but something that seems to be an even better opportunity comes up in another company. Are you going to make the move?

Having options is great

What a wonderful confidence booster! However, there is also a lot of pressure trying to decide which option is best. To make the right choice, you have to decide what factors are most important to you in a new job. Then you have to choose the option that best addresses these factors. However, this operates on two levels, on a rational level and on an emotional, “gut feeling” level. You will only truly be happy with your decision if these are aligned. This article gives you a framework for analysing your options on both levels.

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First, look at things rationally

Looking at the job on offer, and also at the things that matter to you. Then, once you have understood your options on a rational level, we look at the things on an emotional level and think about what your emotions are telling you. This framework assumes you are weighing up alternatives that are all consistent with your overall career goal. This should be the starting point for any decision you are going to make on what career options to pursue. If the options you are considering are not aligned with pre-considered plans and goals, it is time for even more fundamental thinking!

Rational Analysis

The first step is to look at your choices rationally. Firstly, you will look at the quality of the jobs themselves, and secondly, you will think about the criteria you need for job satisfaction. Factor one is good job analysis, a good decision is an informed decision. You will need to gather as much information as you sensibly can about the jobs you are considering. Think about how much future happiness depends on this decision!

Satisfaction Analysis

Armed with the facts about the job, next think about what you are looking for in a great job. Since the whole point is to find the best option for you, you need to do a properly thought-through self-analysis as well. Factor two is an analysis of satisfaction Criteria. Everyone has a different idea of what makes a great job. That is why not everyone wants to be a doctor and why, thankfully, some people find that cleaning out sewers can be satisfying work.

Work/Life Balance

There can be great merit in maintaining a balance between your home and professional responsibilities and making enough time for leisure and downtime. You need to look at your life and determine what you need from a job so that you can achieve this balance and maintain it for the long term. This also goes for if you are considering starting your own business of course.

A small price to pay could lead to running all the way to the bank with your profits
Female consultant showing the benefits of a small price to pay

Emotional Validation

So far, you have looked at the job’s criteria and what you will need to be satisfied. However, it is also important to consider how your decision feels. You need to get in touch with your inner self and think about how well the career options fit with your overall sense of self and personal fulfilment. Take the time to make sure that you are comfortable with your analysis, and that you are confident that you have made the right decision, both on a rational and emotional level. When you have an option that fits both objectively and subjectively, chances are you have a winning career move.

Key Points

Making a career move is a very important decision. It requires serious thought and consideration. You can think long, hard, and still not come up with a solution unless you have a framework to use to help you make a decision.  Analysing each element in this way forces you to consider the multidimensional criteria that go into determining a great job fit. With a decision that is valid emotionally as well as on paper, you can be confident that you have made the best possible choice.

What’s it all going to cost me?

You have probably heard the phrase “good advice doesn’t come cheap”. Well, that being said, no advice or bad advice will cost you more in the long run.

Good advice doesn’t have to be expensive but it’s definitely worth a little time and investment. To ensure that your business is on track and runs as smooth as a Swiss clock.

Working with a consultancy has many benefits for any business whether large or small. What would you pay for your freedom? Release those chains holding you back! There is no charge until an agreed contract is signed so contact us, let’s talk. 

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