Learn some new rules for your business writing

Good business writing can be very effective. Have a look around any business workplace.

Do the leaders in the business write effectively and powerfully?

Is it the good writers that tend to get promoted?

Will people tend to listen to good writers?

Are good writers able to persuade or convince effectively?

The answer to all of these questions is yes absolutely!

We are writing so much more these days, and we depend upon on our writing skills to influence, persuade, encourage, collaborate, and to lead. However, it’s rare to hear people talking about the importance of good business writing in our day-to-day work. Most people don’t really notice the quality of the writing they read – they simply react positively, negatively, or not at all. If you have ever wondered if there’s a better way to write your messages so they get better results, there is!

3 Rules for better business writing communication:

If you can say it, you can write it

We connect with the world today largely through email, websites, blogs, texting, and social media. With all these channels we have only bare facts, without the tone of voice, facial expressions, body language, or pauses. As we regularly use these means instead of talking, it makes sense to use writing that’s as close as possible to spoken language. When you do this, you gain yourself a great advantage – you put your personality and individuality into your message. This will help you to stand out more and make a greater connection with your reader.

Write for today, not yesterday

Yesterday’s writing is passive and wordy, it sounds really dull, and it puts a distance between you and the reader. The way it is written also slows down understanding. Today’s writing sounds more conversational. It’s crisp, clear, and transparent and the personal context makes it more positive and interesting. For example:


Please be advised that a meeting of the Annual Convention Committee will be held on 24 February (Thursday) at 9.30 am. Kindly advise me of your availability at your soonest.


I’d like to hold another meeting of the Annual Convention Committee on Tuesday 24 February from 9.30 to 11.30 am. Please confirm if you can join us. www.AnnualConvention.com

Aim to build relationships

In today’s fast-paced, communication-crazy world, it’s essential to come across as a human being. If you insist on using old-fashioned or redundant jargon (Please be reminded, Kindly be advised, Please find attached herewith, above-mentioned, reference and perusal etc) you will obscure the real meaning and will not be adding any personality of your own to your business writing. Make your writing positive, stimulating and interesting, add some feeling and a personal touch. This will help people get to know the real person behind the message.

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