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Why you should have a graphic design strategy for your business.

Since the beginning of time, graphics were used to tell a story. From cave paintings to Egyptian hieroglyphics. Today we all live in a modern and changing world. Where visual communication is used daily to convey a great deal of information.

It may come as a surprise but you don’t need a professional designer to be able to use design strategically. There are many benefits in having good designs which could lead to better customer experiences. We can help you build a successful graphic design strategy for your business.

Graphic Design Strategy

What is a graphic design strategy?

Many people including some graphic designers can get confused between a good graphic design strategy and a creative brief. However, understanding the differences can be critical. A graphic design strategy is how we recommend approaching a project. Whereas a creative brief is a communication to the graphic designer which in turn helps to frame what a client is looking for or has specifically requested. 

A good graphic design strategy is not really what a person likes as such. It’s more about what is right for your business and your customers. The graphic design strategy is based on the findings of good research and will often expand or contract that of a creative brief.

The strategy is a roadmap for your business.

There really is no one definition of a graphic design strategy, but the goal is always the same. To merge your business and creative objectives in a meaningful way that moves design beyond just an aesthetic exercise.

Good graphic design strategies should be a roadmap for all of your businesses visual and media requirements. It should include an agenda and be flexible enough to allow for the businesses organic growth from the start.

A successful business will always include design as part of its business strategy from the start. This is because involving any design at an early stage can save you money in the long run. It will also result in a better experience for your customers.

Graphic Design Strategy Roadmap

What goes into a graphic design strategy?

There are many definitions of graphic design strategies. As we mentioned earlier a graphic design strategy is a plan of how you will use graphic design to achieve your business objectives. It’s always a good idea to formalise your strategy early on in your business. Your strategy should answer questions and address the following:

  • Define your target audience
  • Research of what your customers need
  • Customer needs currently not being met
  • Changing behaviours and attitudes
  • Any key messages and value propositions
  • Is there any emerging ideas or trends
  • Designs in planning aspects and documents
  • Opportunities that may be getting missed
  • Designs being used within your business
  • Identify ways of improving design process
  • Existing problems and ongoing challenges
  • Current benefits and successes
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Online Communications

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Printed Communications

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Public Relations


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Having a graphic design strategy will allow you to integrate your design processes and design thinking into your business goals. Thinking differently about your customer’s wants and needs can provide considerable rewards. Sometimes even by making some minor changes, they can be beneficial to your targeted audience and prospective customers. Why not carry out a graphic design audit to see how you are currently using design in your business.


What’s it all going to cost me?

You have probably heard the phrase “good advice doesn’t come cheap”. Well, that being said, no advice or bad advice will cost you more in the long run.

Good advice doesn’t have to be expensive but it’s definitely worth a little time and investment. To ensure that your business is on track and runs as smooth as a Swiss clock.

Working with a consultancy has many benefits for any business whether large or small. What would you pay for your freedom? Release those chains holding you back! There is no charge until an agreed contract is signed so contact us, let’s talk. 

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