Are our social networks genuine, I remember reading an article some time ago regarding that very same question. The actual birth of social media platforms, such as Facebook, was initially aimed at the younger generations. As time has gone by more and more people of all ages have gotten involved. Many people have now embraced the idea of social networks and have active accounts on their favourite social media platforms.

Social networks are a big thing now but do they really enhance our lives? Let’s be honest here, can you really trust them? There are large amounts of data and personal information that you have willingly supplied them. All of your feelings, and emotions, your relationships and memories. With every year that goes by, it’s not unfair to say that social networks seem to get less and less genuine. What started out as an honest and fun way to connect with friends and family has turned into a multi-million-pound industry.

All of the social networks out there can be labelled as a business. And like all businesses around the world, they are there for one purpose, and one purpose only – to make money and make a profit. Social networks do this by exploiting the data they hold about us in such a way as to target advertising. This can be the make or break of many businesses all over the world.

Are we all just little pawns to social networks

As more and more people become little pawns within the big game plan of social networks. The harder it is to ignore them as either an individual or a business. Google+, although shutting it’s doors this year, has been leveraging it’s influence over Google search engines for some time now. It will be very interesting to see what they are lining up as a replacement for their social network platform.

It feels a little scary sometimes when you realise that social networks have the ability to track all of your browsing history. They know what you like through all the various ‘like and share’ buttons planted all around the internet. They can see whether you integrate with any video games. And of course, importantly all of the credit card billing systems out there. Unfortunately, our lives are an open book that can be exploited by social networks to their own advantage. We are all in business to make money and so we all need to find ways of marketing our own products or services. What better way than using our social network platforms to do so.

So are your social networks genuine? Of course they’re not, they stopped being that a very long time ago. They are simply businesses, just like any other and nothing more. They are designed for the sole purpose of making money or profit. Another thing to take into consideration, is, of course. Apart from the social networks not being genuine, there are many other individuals and businesses that use the social networks that are not genuine either. But that’s another story!

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