Anxiety – Mad or Sad

Anxiety – Mad or Sad? At some stage in our lives, we all will have suffered a bout of being anxious due to a bad moment. Missing a bus or late for an appointment is enough to trigger uneasiness. This is quite a normal reaction. Prolonged anxiety that meddles with a person’s everyday life tells us that we are now dealing with a condition called, an anxiety disorder. Coping with excessive anxiety can be a struggle. With the right medical advice and help, then the ailment that is associated with other psychiatric conditions such as depression can be tamed.

Is severe anxiety normal?

In the UK at least 1 in every 10 people battle to lead a normal life, the severity of anxiety powers is no doubt a mighty force to contend with where the effects can turn a persons life upside down. The anxiety that flares up, with no identifying reason behind the cause, has to be questioned. Strong/severe anxiety that tampers or interferes with daily routines- activities is considered abnormal.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms to look out for with physical anxiety can be a dry mouth, diarrhoea or abdominal discomfort. It can also lead to breathlessness, fast heartbeat and a tightening of the chest. They may have a problem swallowing or have dizzy spells. These are a result of when the brain sends out signals to other parts of the body. While at the same time releasing stress hormones or adrenalin. Organs affected are lungs and heart that are now geared up to work harder or faster.

Can you treat anxiety issues?

The fear of going mad and lack of concentration are two serious symptoms that can be endured. As well as insomnia and uncontrollable outbursts of rage or anger if suffering from psychological anxiety. Medication, treatments like psychotherapy or counselling, and more are readily available today. Anxiety is treatable so if you or someone close is having a bad time. Perhaps trying to cope with any of the symptoms mentioned earlier then make an appointment to speak with your doctor.

Anxiety – mad or sad?

Some people who suffer from anxiety may appear to look and do things a little differently. This may seem funny to an outsider looking in. It all depends on the particular outsider of course. Because of their lack of understanding of this condition, they may find it hilarious to poke fun. They may also make nasty remarks towards the person suffering from this condition causing even more misery for the sufferer.

Yes, it could be true to say that, sufferers are mad. They are mad with anger for the ignoramuses who continue to add to their torment. Furthermore, they could be saddened at how their tormentors proudly show their ignorance behind the meaning of the word compassion.

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