3 Things you need before starting a home based business

A lot of successful entrepreneurs started out as home-based businesses. Working from home can be very rewarding and exciting. It is often filled with many distractions and of course many new challenges to master. So before you pull that chair up to the desk and fasten the door, make sure you have these three things at the very least.


Make sure you have the discipline to stay the course before you take on any home-based business. This might seem obvious, but quite often many people quickly lose discipline when working from home. With no boss watching you, no set schedule and none of the other controls that come from working in an office environment. It is only you that can provide the structure. Only work set hours, have a designated workplace or area and hold yourself accountable for deadlines and schedules. If you don’t, you can quickly find yourself not being very effective at all. Don’t get in the habit of putting other household tasks into your workday. The lack of focus will be detrimental to your work and your home-based business. It is ok to have break times, but stay on a tight schedule, and do not allow the bulk of your work day to stray into other things.


Whether you are reporting to yourself, or to a larger company you are employed by, you have to be accountable. This means keeping reports or records of how you are spending your time. Communication with your boss, coworkers, or clients that demonstrate you are using your time effectively. Not doing so will not only create issues with those you work for but will result in people underestimating your value and your contributions to the overall success of the organisation. Keeping detailed records will also provide you with a scorecard that you can use as a reference to stay on track or make improvements to your schedule.

A family that supports you’re doing home-based business:

Most importantly, when you start working from home ensure that you have the support of your family. You will have to sit down and have a meeting with those you are close to about your working hours. The level of daily involvement with family distractions and why these are important to ensure success. You need your family to support you, but it is you who must set the rules, determine and demonstrate how they will work. Creating the right attitude from the beginning will help you to be successful in your work. It will also keep a strong happy support structure with those you care about the most.

Make sure you have set work hours, a dedicated workplace, and plan how you will utilise, manage your time spent working. Simply sitting down and writing this all out is a great way to get off to a good start that will help stop bad habits from getting started in the first place. Obviously, one of the most attractive reasons for working at home is the flexibility, and when appropriate, it is ok to take a little time off for family and personal matters. But make sure you plan ahead for it rather than just taking time off whenever you feel like it.

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