What is a perfect boyfriend..

You know that girlfriend of yours who has the perfect boyfriend?

The guy with the gorgeous floppy hair, quirky smile, and big heart devoted entirely to one person and one person only:

His girlfriend.

You’re so glad she found him, but honestly?

Why are you so insanely jealous? It’s hard to stop watching them. The way that he’s so attentive to her needs and the way that they seem to share thoughts without speaking. Plus the way that he wraps his arms around her so tightly it’s like they’re one body.

Watching them makes you ache. Because the boyfriend at your side doesn’t treat you like that.

It’s not that your boyfriend isn’t wonderful. Of course he’s wonderful. It’s more…
How he treats you. He treats you like someone he’s gotten used to.

You know he doesn’t wake up in the morning pinching himself for being lucky enough to snag someone like you. But you bet that’s what this other guy does. You can see it in his eyes.

The pleasure that radiates from his smile every time he looks at the woman he loves.

So you ask her—half-joking, half-hoping—if he has any brothers. She just laughs.

“Nah, that’s not what you need.” She leans towards you and glances around to make sure no one’s listening.

“Want to hear a secret?” You nod eagerly.

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