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General Guide and FAQS

Faqs – All your questions answered. Through consultation, Ascribe Bureau will help develop a project plan for your website. Planning is an essential part of creating any website and is often just as important as the design and development itself.

Think of the purpose of the website, the structure, design, and the content that you may require. Think about a name for the website (domain) and where to host it, how much it is going to cost you and once the website has been developed who will manage it for you. A good website project plan can help you with every step of the website creation process. Do not forget this is your investment.

Purchase a plan now and get a free consultation and our free website project plan documents. If you still have any questions check out the FAQS or simply contact us.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help and guide you.

  • You will need a Domain Name, this is your www.——.com web address. Ascribe Bureau can help you decide your domain name and can advise you on any branding your business may require. Your website will need to be hosted on a server to publish it onto the internet. Many companies will give you a free domain name if you purchase the hosting from them. We can advise you on your best options.

  • Yes, we use Wordpress as our base CMS (contents management system). All websites, however, are designed specifically for you and are not based on themes that you may see either free or premium. We take your website back to bare bones and then build it as you require. We can implement various styles and animations such as parallax, hover buttons flip cards or cubes etc or just build a straight clean site. Engage with us and we will build what you require.

  • Check out our pricing page for details of our price structure. We look after Students and Start-Up Businesses and give 10% to 20% discounts to them providing they can show evidence of stature. Contact Ascribe Bureau for more information or a free quote.

  • Don’t worry, that is where we come in. We can guide you on best practices and help plan everything for you. 

  • Once you have decided on the plan you would like the project starts with a 50% deposit. We will help you plan and design what you require for free. Once the design has been signed off we will start the development and the remaining 50% will be due once the website has been finished and passed.

  • We will help & support you plus complete up to 2 revisions free of charge within the first 7 days of your website going live. After that, we can show you how to manage your site or we can manage your site for you. Website management has a monthly fee which is payable one month in advance. See the website management plans on the pricing page.  

  • No, it is our policy to only support websites that we have built ourselves. This is based on liabilities that could arise from multiple programmers legal stance on code changes.

  • Yes after we have consulted with you on your requirements, we can include all the necessary copywriting and editing plus source any stock photos that you may need, these are included in all our price plans.

  • Yes, once you have paid your final invoice you own all the rights of the website and contents therein. You are quite welcome to take it wherever you would like. However many clients decide to remain with us and purchase a website management plan. If for any reason you decide you would like someone else to service the website, no problem.

  • Yes, most web hosting packages include email addresses on your domain. It would depend on what hosting site your on and which package you purchase. Some hosting site offers 3 or 5 email addresses others may give you unlimited.

  • No, what we quote is what you pay. Everything is all documented and once you are happy and signed off, we will start the development. If however, you have thought of something else that you need after you have signed off we will put the development on hold and consult with you again. If there are any additional charges due to your needs at this stage we will advise you and again once you are happy the project can again be signed off and the development restarted. We will not hide any costs from you.

  • This depends on a few factors. Is it a 1-page or 5-page website, is it a business, blog or e-commerce website. We can advise roughly how long the site will take to develop during the free consultation period and before you have signed off on the project.

All sounds pretty good so what do we do now?